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Legal services in Russia

You may want to see the legal practice areas of our Law Firm at the main page of the web-site. If your legal matter also requires a legal advice or assistance of a specialist in another area, you can be sure that it will be handled by our highly qualified partner.

With our Law Firm, you get a personal approach. Our lawyers do not use legal patterns wherever they can. We offer personal, unique and "individually for-the-client" solutions to ideally fit our client's needs and requirements.

If you have a minor legal question (legal uncertainty), feel free to ask us and you will get a legal advice with no charge. However, if your question turns to be a legal issue, our lawyers will promptly estimate a fee for you for respective legal services.

Costs for the legal services of a Russian Law Firm Vadim Kolosov

Oral legal advice (incl. 30 min. of a lawyer's time)

100 + 90 per extra hour

Written legal advice (incl. 1 hour of a lawyer's time)

200 + 100 per extra hour

Written legal opinion with references to laws, court practice, respective citations thereof (incl. 2 hours of a lawyer's time)

450 + 120-150 per extra hour

Drafting of the contracts, claims, complaints, CD-letters, responses and other documents

75-120 per hour
min. 150 euros for a document

Legal examination of the documents and legal advice thereon (incl. 1.5 hours of a lawyer's time)

200 + 90-100 per extra hour

Negotiations, mediation, settlement (incl. 3 hours of a lawyer's time)

250 + 75 per extra hour

Legal representation in UDRP

80-100 per hour
min. 500

Legal representation in Russian courts

depending on the case

Information on trademarks registered in Russia (a search in online trademark database)

approx. 20 per a designation
min. 50 for an order
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Information on Russian companies, directors, business owners (an extract from an official online Tax Service database on companies and directors)

from 30 per an inquiry
min. 100 for an order

Research on a Russian company (a search is conducted in open databases, such as trademark and company database, and in Internet; you get an official extract on the company, it's annual report and other information; relative information can be translated into English for extra charge)

from 300

* Costs include all applicable taxes in Russia. There are no hidden costs (expenses for paying, incl. wire transfer, are born by the client).

Please be advised that the costs given are approximate and can vary (either downward or upward) depending on your legal matter and its legal area, as well as its urgency and complexity.

Usually you pay for legal services on hourly basis, however, subject to our mutual agreement, our Law Firm can bill for the whole case regardless hours spent on it.

Advantages of working with our Law Firm

a) A personal approach our lawyers provide, along with b) a combination of legal experience and skills with fluent English (legal English), allowing you not to bother about translators or misunderstanding in collaboration, as well as c) availability of our legal services on an urgent basis (so that our client could meet his deadlines even if they are as short as 48 hours), make our services exclusive and convenient for our clients.

Our Law Firm encourages relations with clients based on bona fide and trust. This means you will never pay for something that has not been done, you can rely on the result we offer, you can be sure if our Law Firm takes the case we will not abandon it or cause any delays.

How to pay for our legal services

We accept:

Payments for legal services with credit cards Payments for legal services via wire transfer (in euros)

We can also agree on other ways of payment, such as: Western Union transfer or WebMoney.


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